Your life is supposed to be wildly fun.

It is fun + easy when you know how to unleash your ideal self in life and business.

The intersection of clarity, creativity & great fun.

Hey, I’m Holly.

I feel deeply called to walk alongside creative, innovative people to help them step into their own wild & free lives, build passionate businesses, and learn new skills.

I want everyone to escape the shackles of who the world expects them to be, to come into who they truly are, doing what they love, and finding joy in life-long learning.

What I’m learning, trying out & am curious about:

How to stop settling for less in life

How to stop settling for less in life I recently met an acquaintance from my old mountain town by the highway. She was clearing out her garden and had some perennials to share and was willing to stop on her way to Edmonton. With luck, I got a box. After thanking her,...

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Reclaiming Your Soul Work Time

It's early. As always, my eyes pop open at a time when the stars still reign overhead, and our beautiful Moon shines in the dark. I reach for my hoodies and glasses which are ready to snatched up close at hand. The most surprising part, I wake - as I often do -...

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The unraveling.

I just can't. February 8, 2015 My breath came out in icy blasts in the cold February day. I panted as I walked along the paved trail of my local park, my usual afternoon walk. As my hairy border collie raced ahead of me, I realized I had to sit down. There was a small...

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