Hey, I’m Holly.

I’m that fun mom who runs a business, goes on adventures with my family, and still makes time for herself.

Grab your coffee, and I’ll tell you my story.

Two years ago, I was struggling for balance in my life. I felt like I lived two separate personas. I had my work persona that went to my full-time government job from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday, and I had my other persona, which was my life and my family, that I lived during evenings and weekends and holidays, and nary the two shall ever meet.

My government job didn’t like it when I wanted to take off time to go and play with my kids during the day, and my family became resentful when I worked evening meetings and events on the weekends.

I was at a real conflict. How could I live both pieces of my life that were both really important to me, and make them flow together more well?

I was exhausted. I was so tired, and I basically lived on coffee and sugar to get through the day. My world was completely out of sync. It was out of harmony, and nothing really made sense, and everything felt really, really hard every single day.

When your life is in harmony, you’re like a conductor in an orchestra.

You conduct the instruments to play together, which means periods of rest & play.

This was not what was happening.

One lesson that I learned in my family is if something isn’t working, you change the plan. So I began to do that. I began to step into my life as a co-creator, and I began to take charge of the crazy circus I had created.

I made changes so the balance and the flow of my life worked for me, and the instruments played nice with each other. And that gave me the freedom to pursue work that I truly enjoyed. It made time for me to spend with my kids, and really be present, and it gave me time to even put my hands into the dirt in my garden, something I love to do.

Find That Balance.

I can help you get the instruments of your life working together, and have that elusive balance that you’ve been after for such a long time.