Hey, I’m Holly. I’m a creative multi-passionate gal.

What does that mean?

I’m glad you asked. It means I have many interests and creative pursuits. I have no “one true calling” as specialists do. I have many paths, and I want to pursue them all (usually simultaneously). I thrive on learning new things with a beginner’s curiosity, trying shit out, and mastering new skills. My nightstand is piled high with at least 6 books at any one time, on various topics. I have at least 4 journals going at a time, with little bits of the latest topic that has my interest.

You might think this is flaky, but it really isn’t. My superpowers lies in bringing ideas together in creative ways. My Zone of Genius is where collaboration, innovation and creativity collide.


But who are you really?

I tried to write a “I do X to help them with Y so that they can Z” statement for years.  But I don’t fit into a box, and neither do you, my multi-passionate friend.

At my core, I’m a storyteller. I delight in telling stories – mine, yours and the ones about that business you formed out of passion – to the people who need to hear them the most.


What I believe in…..

I believe strongly in the power of community. Our stories are powerful when shared. Our stories invoke clarity and possess the power to move hearts, minds and souls. In my corporate life, I worked as a Community Development Coordinator for over 14 years and saw the powerful things that can happen when we work together. Collaboration not competition is how we move mountains to a vibrant, resilient communities.

I believe rural + small town life holds the key. I live and love in small town, rural Alberta. And I believe with a passion that small town life has what the rest of the world craves. Rural life houses the most innovative + creative people I know – because we’re making due with what we’ve got, creating it instead of just consuming it, and supporting each other along the way.

I believe in creative, multi-passionate people. I love inspiring entrepreneurs. I heart people with passion that GO FOR IT. I love the creatives, the innovative, the inspired. I love teasing out little grains of ideas and seeing if they fit. I love creative catalyst conversations admiring all the angles, and brainstorming clarity through the darkest, bleakest “who am I” moments.

Deep, soulful conversations are what lights me up. At heart, I’m the best cheerleader you’ll ever have, I’m the BFF who will hold space for you in your emotional storms, seeking the clarity & light you already have within you. I’ll sing your song back to you so you can move forward. Actions follow emotions!

Nature is the greatest healer of everyone. The natural world holds the key to healing our addiction to smartphones, and the glorification of busyness. When healing energy is needed, I start at natural sources, and have been known to compel my family and friends outdoors to start the process. Mother Gaia has our very best medicine, we’ve just forgotten this. This drives me to grow my own food, hug trees, and walk around with crystals in my pocket.

We are all creators. Enough said.

How I “Do” Life…

When I’m not at my keyboard or journal, I’m growing organic vegetables in my backyard, joyfully exploring the mountains and adventuring outdoors with my two kids, husband and one very hairy border collie with whatever has got my interest at the moment.