Conversations that move you forward

Clarity Calls

Your brain is spinning out. You’ve flipped into that overthinking mode and now you’re questioning everything. It’s got you stressing, hesitating and dreading.

You’re feeling very very scared. You want to be confident, but fear has got you in its grips. You think you’re ready, but then why are you so afraid? Do you just need to leap into action or is there a red flag here? Are you actually good enough?

You’re looking for clarity at this crossroads. You need a partner to talk it through, brainstorm and hold you accountable as you take your next big leap or pivot.


What if you could....

Find calm. Release the fear, self-sabotage and negative emotions.

Have a plan on your next steps forward with crystal clear clarity.

Be confident in your current situation, and owning your value.

Have accountability + support as you take on your next big leap or pivot.

Introducing Clarity Calls

Through deep conversations, we can explore where you’re at right now, and discuss what is getting in the way. I’ll hold space and ask good questions to lead you to the clarity you already have within you in a judgement-free, safe environment.

The details:

  • We meet via phone or Zoom.
    We set up a time that works best for you without distractions to allow us both to be clear, focused and curious.
  • We have a deep dive conversation.
    At the beginning of our session, I ask you 3 anchoring questions, we take a few deep breaths together, and then dive in. 
  • I send you my journal’s amazing notes.
    Not only am I going to listen deep and ask the good questions, I’m going make detailed notes and then send them to you right afterwards via e-mail.
  • You get email support. 
    Once we leave the conversation, you get e-mail support so we can discuss what bubbles up after our conversation on the same topic.

There’s no one-sized fits all here.

I create customized conversations by following your vibe – because life isn’t one size fits all. I believe strongly in changing the leadership model to fit you and your unique needs. I help you move from where you are, to where you want to be, by helping you wipe away the self-doubt, fear and emotion that keeps you stuck.

I know you could figure this out yourself (eventually).

You’ve already got the answers inside of you. I know you’re a deep thinker who has really considered what we are going to talk about. I know you’ve journalled, maybe even Googled to try and find answers.

When you’re hitting your next big level of growth, I know how scary it can be. In the last 10 years, I’ve made massive moves in my life. You can read about them over here, if you want to.

I’ve been in your shoes where I saw the cliff, and knew I had to leap but was scared stiff. I cried a lot. I ranted a lot. I dragged my feet a lot (which made things harder in so many decisions).

What made things easier, what got me unstuck was when a wise individual would hold space for me. They would let me rant out my thoughts, feelings, emotions. They let me flow my stream of consciousness out, and I believe it’s the greatest gift we can receive.

So let’s talk so you can move forward with calm, confidence and clarity. 

    let’s have a conversation.

    90 Minute Session