I believe in you and your business.

I know you’ve got  what it takes to succeed.

I know the calm centre of who you really are, and the confident business person who changes her customer lives already lives within you. Yes, even through your brain spinning out, the fear that has you frozen – you have the answers.

My job is to remind you of what you already know, help you figure out what’s enough and realistic for a mother who has a lot on her plate, and  unlock your definition of success to develop your business around it.

What is a clarity call and why schedule one?

How does this work?

I take your clarity really seriously. Without clarity, we can’t move forward and we are stuck. Then we pile on emotional garbage of judgement, shame, guilt and fear, which keeps us from our next steps forward.

My goal is simple – to help you find a small step of action, a nugget of simplicity, or a deep sigh of calm that you can take to move forward.

Yes, it’s really that simple.

I discovered early on in my business, getting the right help matters. First, I hired business coaches who only talked strategy and sales. Then I hired a spiritual coach who talked energy and emotions. Then I chose a coach who deeply listened and pointed me back to myself. Best investment ever.

Your wild freedom start to happen when you throw out everyone else’s rule book and start write your own.

That’s why clarity matters. That’s why your alignment matters.

What’s in the box?

Format: 1 – 60-90 minute session
Location: Online on Zoom
Investment: $295 CAD