A creative space to explore exactly where you’re at.

Creative Cataclysm

Does this sound like you?

You’re not sure what your next move should be for your business or your life.  You’ve currently got more questions than answers. Your idea list is a mile long, however you’re not sure what the right thing is to spend your precious time + budget on. What’s your overarching them, your “WHY” everyone keeps talking about?

You’re feeling stuck. You keep putting pressure on yourself to perform – like yesterday. But you keep missing your goals by a mile, or you start them and after a month, you just don’t feel the need to continue. Something is off, and you know you’re not actually a flaky person. After all, you’ve killed it on the goal front in the past. Are you on your path? You’re not sure.

You want more joy. It feels like you’re on a treadmill that never seems to end. You’re on a search for this illusive balance that everyone keeps talking about. You can’t figure out how some moms seems to have it all together, and have time for themselves. You’re mad as hell at your husband who didn’t do anything to deserve it. Self-care? What’s that?


What if you could....

Find peace. Release the fear, self-sabotage and negative emotions.

Build clarity for your next way forward, and business strategy that really works.

Become confident about the content & marketing you’re putting into the world.

Reflect on your journey so far & pick up the pieces to help you grow forward.

Introducing Creative Catacylsm

Let’s work together to create a creative space for you. 

Through deep, creative conversations, in these coaching sessions, we can explore where you’re at right now, and what you think is getting in your way. I’ll hold space and ask good questions to lead you to the clarity you already have within you in a judgement-free environment.

Together, we’ll clear the pebbles and boulders off of your unique path.

The details:

  • We meet via phone or Zoom.
    We set up a time that works best for you without distractions to allow us both to be clear, focused and curious.
  • You get to decide on what you want this conversation to look like.
    You are in control of how you would like to be supported. Before we begin, we identify the things standing on your way, what you want our creative space to look like, and what you want out of our session.
  • I send you amazing notes.
    Not only am I going to listen deep and ask the good questions, I’m going make detailed notes and then send them to you right afterwards via e-mail.
  • You get a month of email support. 
    Once we leave the conversation, you get a month of e-mail support so we can discuss what bubbles up after our conversation on the same topic.

There’s no one-sized fits all here.

I create customized creative conversations that fit the individual – because life isn’t one size fits all, and neither are you. I believe strongly in changing the leadership model to fit you and your unique needs. I help you move from where you are, to where you want to be, by helping you wipe away the self-doubt, fear and emotion that keeps you stuck.

I know you could figure this out yourself (eventually).

You could spend time Googling the answers, you could pin all the Pinterest pins about the topic you’re on. You could have great conversations with the fellow creative people you know or people who have been where you are. A combination of these things can get you to the answers and clarity you seek.

But in the meantime, you’re going to fall prey to shiny “BUY NOW” buttons looking for that next big thing. Those quick-fix, follow-my-systems will get you.

Or you’re going to continue to pick fights with your husband and yell at your kids because you feel so damn unsatisfied. And then hate and beat yourself up about it.

Wouldn’t it be easier to just have a conversation

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