If you ever wanted to know how to launch a podcast and make it to the top category, you want to hear how Amanda Laird did just that.

Amanda launched her podcast The Heavy Flow to great acclaim. She was in the top 100 category in health & wellness within 3 days. We dive deep with her to figure out how she did this, how she strategically planned her launch, and what equipment she used to get started.

Of great interest to me was – this idea to launch a podcast for Amanda came out of inspiration, fun and creativity. Using her background as a digital marketer, she strategically lined up exactly what guests and resources she would need to make it a success. My burning question to her truly was “how did you keep the fun + creativity alive in the strategic process?” – you can her her answer at 9:44.

We discuss:

  • How Amanda’s podcast launch ended up in the top 100 in health & wellness category in 3 days
  • What a strategic plan to launch a podcast looks like
  • When to take note that your business is no longer lighting you up and how to pivot
  • Getting started with podcasting: equipment, tech, hosting, etc.

Amanda Laird is a registered holistic nutritionist and host of The Heavy Flow podcast, a weekly podcast dedicated to periods, reproductive health, and other taboo health and wellness topics.

Amanda is the author of the forthcoming book Heavy Flow: Breaking the Curse of Menstruation published by Dundurn Press in Feb 2019.

You can connect with Amanda at www.amandalaird.ca or on Instagram: @amandalaird