A free 30-minute clarity call at my kitchen table.

Let’s gather together. Friends (new and old) are always welcome at my table. We gather for a cuppa – coffee, tea, or fresh well-water, your choice. I’ve got a chair pulled out just for you. This is where we gather, share and connect.

This is the ultimate space for conversation. We can go lightly and catch up, or we can dive deep into conversation about where life has taken you. We talk about the joy, but also real talk – the things that challenge you, the dark nights of the soul, and the things you’re afraid to say out loud. It’s where you can pour out your heart. It’s where you can be truly seen, heard, witnessed and held. 

You can bring all of who you are here. Welcome home. 

Use the form below to center our conversation, and pick a time that works for you to visit. 

I can’t wait to talk to you soon,

Let’s find a time, shall we?