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If you feel like you’re failing everything, are frustrated and mad and don’t really know why – and feeling like you are “stuck”, you’re in the right place.

If you’re feeling like the life you created isn’t quite right and you CRAVE feeling joyful, well-rested and supported BUT you have NO IDEA how to get to that.

Discover your next steps back to balance, play, healthy choices and peace.


1:1 Creatrix Coaching

A girlfriend to walk beside you as you take on the messy process of transforming your life. Together, we’ll create long-lasting change in your life from your own brand of micro self care to deep nourishment, with an emphasis on play, balance and health.

Mom Re-Alignment Session

A deep dive conversation that holds space for exploring your next big move in life. These gentle conversations allow you to  face your truth and find peace within the chaos of creation. 

1 week Escape hatch

The perfect amount of support for you during a transition to help you reset your trajectory and get yourself back on to your own “to do list” and tackle the emotional chaos surrounding change.

The Adventure of Healthy Balance in the Wilderness of Motherhood

Come go wild with me on this free 10 day adventure and learn the secret to balanced
and healthy motherhood without going to the gym or eating organic food.