This week on the podcast, Rachel and I interviewed Shealgh Cummins.

Before I ever worked with Shelagh, we did a high ropes course together that pushed us both beyond our comfort zones. I’m glad to say, we both did conquer the course, in our own ways at the end of it.

I have had the pleasure of working with Shelagh in her Accelerate and Momentum programs, witnessing her as a speaker, and have heart to heart conversations with her.

What I appreciate about her is she’s down to earth, and she’s ready to help you clarify your intentions for your business and do the one “next step” that will make all the difference. She calls them Power Moves. Shelagh has an amazing way of taking the big vision and laying it out into actionable steps that I appreciate.

This conversation is a good one.

After trying to solve the growth puzzle for years, Shelagh has become the compass for hundreds of entrepreneurial women on their path to profits. Her mission is to help other women scale a profitable business —without drowning in debt, forfeiting family time, or working in their sleep.

We talk about:

  • Using Power Moves to grow your business, even when you have limited time
  • The advantage of looking back on your business every 90 days
  • Ideas to reach your big goals for the bootstrapping entrepreneur

Grab your copy of Shelagh’s Productive planner at: