It’s early. As always, my eyes pop open at a time when the stars still reign overhead, and our beautiful Moon shines in the dark. I reach for my hoodies and glasses which are ready to snatched up close at hand. The most surprising part, I wake – as I often do – without any alarm, even though it’s only just 5 am.

This quiet time of day, before the chaos of getting ready for school, is soul domain. This is the precious hours of paving the way for a great day. These are the precious hours of focusing the puppy dog mind before the day begins. These are the hours of soul work of spilling heart on to the paper. Creating things that matter.

What strikes me about this time of day is, I’ve protected it for many years. Through starting out in motherhood, I got up early to write. Through those bleary middle of the night breastfeeding hours, still I got up in the morning to write. I write at nap time, and any other corner of the day that I could get my hands on. Isn’t that amazing?

When I worked my corporate job, I got up early to write. The hour seem to fly by as my fingers hit the keys, with stories, recipes, and pieces of putting together a balance that I would eventually find. When I would reclaim my wild voice, my wild feminine and step into the yearning that I had had since I went back.

I’ve tried to explain my morning ritual to others, and I fell short. They couldn’t understand how or why I consistently rise before the sun. So, now, in my soul writing straight from the heart, I’ll explain again.

Reclaiming Your Soul Work Time

I sat in the local coffee store lamenting with a friend yesterday, about my exercise routine and how easy it used to be. I use to workout nearly every day. It was this pattern, habit that I had cultivated. No matter what happened in my day, I found a way to sneak in a visit to the YMCA. It could be a class, or a workout in the fitness center, or maybe even a swim in the pool. It was a pre-kid ritual that I had, and the flexibility of it is something I miss about living in the City. Later when I worked in the Niagara Escarpment, I was lucky enough to have a gym right in my recreation center. Anyone at that municipality that worked out got another 30 minutes for lunch. It was a powerful motivator to do a daily 1 hr workout and then have 30 minutes still to eat within. This was the sacred time I took to take care of my body, and because there was no demands on my time (other than my own), I fit it in easily.

This sacred morning ritual is the same – it’s about carving out time just for you and holding it sacred. The reason why mornings became my time – simply, no one else in my family is really a morning person (haha!) That meant, they will keep sleeping from 5-7 am and I can do my soul work. So I became a morning person for this reason. But more than that, I believe starting your day with something you love, an activity that feeds your soul just changes the game face of your day. When my husband’s alarm clock goes off, I walk into morning school hustle differently. I walk in ready to face the day, because I’ve already satisfied my own soul first.

There’s a lack of this fulfillment, there’s a lack of this depth in so many mothers. I hear it when we gather together. I want to shake women and tell them feeding their own soul isn’t optional. How can we teach our kids to stand firmly in their own power, if we aren’t even taking time to do our own inner work. Our greatest teachers, Mom, need this space to explore, be creative, be curious, and be emotionally honest.

Protect This Time at All Costs

You might not be a morning person, no judgement here. But I would bet there’s a time of day where you sink deep into your flow. Where your work flows a little easier, your thoughts come into clarity a little cleaner.

Protect this time at all costs. It’s your time, it’s the time of soul work. And if we keep skipping it, if stop carving it out, that’s a real problem. There’s a crisis there with doing the work we are called to do. There’s a crisis in our journey to becoming. It has no time – and with no time, it will come out whenever is inconvenient and make some. So instead, leave an hour here, on the calendar, on the daily. Leave it for exploration, creativity, for the Wild Woman to show up. Leave it for your art. Leave it for your journalling or writing. Leave it for whatever is currently lighting you up.

Don’t box it in. Don’t give it a label (I just call mine “Creative Time” and leave it at that). Start wherever you are that day. Start with a meditation. Write your intentions. Explore, Google, Pin what is interesting to you (not your kids, not the things you HAVE to do). Read a book you’ve been meaning to. Be curious, aim to follow it. But take this space.