The Learning Hub

For the curious, the seekers, and the researchers, this is my learning hub. This is where I lay down in-person workshops, digital adventures, workbooks, and masterclasses of what I have learned. This is learning that fits YOU, right where you’re at.

The capacity to learn is a gift, the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice.

[ Brian Herbert ]

creative cataclysm -coaching

Find the clarity that you crave + get moving forward.

These deep creative conversations hold space for deep listening and amazing clarity. Let’s excavate the boulders and pebbles off your path, with a soulful exploration of exactly where you’re at. The core of the conversation reveals the obstacles keeping you stuck, and curious questions move us closer to your unique way of moving forward.


Unleash Your Creativity - online Course

A 30-day journey to unleash your creative process.

    Join us to finally step into “your way” of creating. This course that helps you get curious – explore and heal your relationship to your creative process, and powerfully launch your work into the world. Together, we’ll step into releasing all the doubt, perfectionism, overwhelm and fear of finishing. You’ll walk out with your unique blueprint for creating, topic pillars, and personalized digital marketing advice for your brand and business. 

Freebie: 10 Minutes to Nourish and Fuel Your Motherhood

Looking for balance? Finding your self care in a busy mom life. For years I wondered where did it fit into my daily routine – somewhere between kids activities and the Starbucks drive thru line?

Got 10 minutes? I’ll tell you why nourishing yourself really matters (it’s not why you think), an app for your smartphone that you can lean on, and my less than 2 minute meditation to energize you.