lean powerfully into your creative process + powerfully launch your work into the world.

Unleash Your Creative Process

Pick Up your Brush + let’s get messy + throw the paint around.

This course is a powerful invitation to lean into your unique creative process like never before and create (or redefine) your business .

It’s time to pick up your brush, my fellow creator. Our creative work is needed in the world, now more than ever. I know you feel that too.

So let’s do this in our signature style: messy, flowing, and creating-it-as-we-go. I invite you to throw your hair up into a pony tail, put on your old clothes and let’s throw creativity around together in my studio.

After all, art and your work is just a picture your heart makes.

There’s a place for you, creative one, here in my studio. There’s canvas, and all of your favourite pens, markers and paints waiting for you. There’s walls of giant whiteboard for figuring your stuff out. There’s couches for talks with wise creative women we love, the sisters of many art forms. 

And the things we’re making together, the beauty of them takes my breath away.  We’re blasting the tunes that make us shake our hips, we’re throwing the paint on to our canvases, and laughing our heads off. The process of creation can feel JUBILANT while we do it. 

All we need is you. 


This is how we roll, and what we'll do.

Release all the fear, doubt, overwhelm, perfectionism, and fear of finishing out of your unique creative process, simply and easily. Goodbye & good riddance.

FINALLY (finally!) bring clarity to your creative process. Not only will we find the the steps and flow of each stage of your process, we’ll define your business’ profitable offers that fits perfectly into your niche, skills and gifts. 

Step powerfully into creating valuable content – create nurture sequences and creative content that gives value to your potential customers on autopilot, instead of your hands-on time nurturing every. single. lead. ever. 

Tell your story – Set-up the outline of topic pillars in your business with all of your great ideas (hello, notebook hoarder!) in a clear, concise manner.  This makes your content marketing, social media strategies, advertising & thought leadership – a freakin’ breeze. 

Make a strategy plan alongside a seasoned digital marketer. My super powers lie in making you a plan that fits into your real life, that you can maintain, and keep your business moving to bringing in your next clients.

Surrender into calling in powerful feminine energy to create the container for your students or clients, focus your intentions, and speed manifestations of your business goals.

Work within a group of fabulous creative women co-creators that supports and helps each other with their talents, in a judgement-free, loving creative space. We’ll celebrate the wins (big & small) and help each other through the tough hurdles.




Introducing unleash your creative process

This course combines a powerful lean into our creative processes & energy, with purposeful action steps that move us forward.

Combined together – the vision, outline, build, marketing and inner work that comes together to in a beautiful embrace that becomes your powerful work and brand.

Within an intensive 4-week period, we’ll meet together online on Tuesdays & Thursdays from Tue April 9 to Tue May 7 at 11am MT. All classes are recorded, but being present is encouraged as your schedule permits.

What you can expect in Light Up Your Signature Course:

    • 8 – 75-minute downloadable classes to listen to as many times as you would like
    • 20 daily emails to anchor your power actions and intentions each day and keep you moving forward
    • Optional participation in a Facebook accountability group
    • Dozens of practical exercises, meditations to help you open up to your own creative flow
    • A recorded 30 minute creative cataclysm session with Holly to dive deep into the heart of your business, your ideal customers and questions you may have.
    • A blueprint that you can use again and again to launch your next creative project.
    • The discovery of your process that helps you dig through the trash and come out with the gold.

Pick Up Your Paint Brush.

This is your invitation to step into deeply rooting yourself in your creative flow. This is your invitation to take that brave first wobbly step to step into that wise teacher, guide, and expert role you’re destined for.
Join this 4-week creative deep dive journey for $333. Payment plans available on request.

Hi, I’m Holly LaRochelle, relentess multipassionate creator. If you’ve been following me for a while, you might know me in any one of my creative passions – organic gardener, recreation, digital marketing, or outdoor adventure woman. I’ve been singing entrepeneur’s songs back to them for a while now. I’ve reflected their passion back to them – in ways that other people could get on board with. I had a blast with it.

In my own entrepeneur journey, I did all the things you should do. Yet, I’d stand at networking events and everytime someone asked me that question “what do you do?”, my brain froze up. I flipped between my answers depending on who it was, or what I was truly interested in at that very moment. I walked away from the conversation thinking that I hadn’t really represented what I do, what my unique genius is, and how I could help them.

There was one entrepreneur, I had forgotten needed the most reflection. There was one creative process, I forgot to define.

Mine!! I used my superpower on everyone EXCEPT myself.

Stepping into embody my unique energy signature, and my creative process was like coming home. The day it clicked all together, I got down on my knees in the cold snow with the sun blazing the song of spring above me and was filled with gratitude, and messy sobs of relief. I got up and danced down my driveway… it made finally sense.

The benefits of working with your own creative process are insane, but they can’t be won with surface listening and no action. Merging with your creative process means you’ve got to get messy & try stuff out, be present, be vulnerable, and stay committed to the process – 100%. Especially when it’s hard.

All that said, you can do this. After all, we’ve tried everything else out already, haven’t we? We’ve tried everyone else’s processes and they didn’t work. This sacred invitation is to make it your way. It’s a beautiful choice.

I am looking forward to working in this powerful course with you.

Stay wild,