What if it was easy?

I had this brilliant conversation this morning with my good friend Lara. Lara is an amazing business coach. She’s built an incredible community of people on Facebook that talk and ask real questions and have real talk about entrepreneurship and business, which I really appreciate. You might want to go check it out. It’s called The Biz Studio Community.

Listen, I had this conversation with her this morning in trying to build my own community of wild women. She stopped me in her tracks and she asked me a really good question. She said, “What if it was already easy?” I thought, “What do you mean?” She says, “What if it was easy, the thing that you want to accomplish, the goal that you’re going after, creating this amazing community? What if it was easy?” I thought, “Well, easy would be great.” It’s what we all want, easy. She said, “I see you already building this community and I see it in your Instagram. I see it in your Pinterest. You’re pinning amazing things every day.” I thought, “Oh yeah.”

She said, “Instead of trying to make things work, if Facebook isn’t working for you, you can change your perspective on it, but stop spending time on things that don’t work. Don’t fight it. If it’s not working, it’s not working. Instead, embrace those things that are easy.” This is incredible advice, by the way. She said, “Instead of looking for proof it’s hard, what if you looked at proof it was already easy?” When I flipped my mindset about that, that’s when I told her about my Instagram and how I love sharing stories there, and my Pinterest, where I pin inspiring things every day. She said, “Okay, so what’s the problem? It sounds like you’re already building community.” I thought, “Oh yeah, but those things don’t have a real community component.”

I went immediately into the negative again. What a great lesson to be sitting here this morning. I want to share it with you.

What if it was easy, the thing that you want to accomplish? What if it was easy? What would easy look like? What would easy feel like? And what proof can you find that you’re already doing the easy thing?

Now, I think it’s important to note the thing that we think we’re building, it might not be exactly how we thought it would go. I always like to say I like the universe to take care of the how so I can just do the work. But in this case, it was maybe a little forcing. Let’s just say it was forcing. So, stop fighting with it. If it’s not working, that’s really the moment to take the pause, step back and say, “What if this was easy?” And if it already is easy, let’s look for the proof that it is easy and where.

So, I just wanted to share that with you today because I thought it was a really interesting shift in mindset, and now I feel like I need to just spend some time and sit with it, and really figure out what that looks like in my creative way. Am I gonna keep fighting with something that isn’t working or am I gonna try the thing that delights me? Take it to a different platform or use the platform I have, but in a different way? There’s a lot of possibilities. So, the how doesn’t always work exactly how we think, but the how can still be brilliant. And I really like it when it’s easy. I’ll tell you, it’s so much easier.

What if it was easy? And if it already is easy, what proof do you have that the easy way is working essentially? So, there is a good mindset shift for you today. I look forward to talking to you really soon.

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