Wild Motherhood

10 days on how to thrive at motherhood

It’s time to thrive within the challenging years of motherhood.

You judge yourself to be failing at motherhood.  Girl, you’re not failing. We just have been fed a lie that being amazing mothers means we have to sacrifice and devote everything we’ve got to it.  We’ve been taught the 1950’s housewife version is the only way.
It’s not. It’s time for a new version of motherhood – your own.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

A daily practice for developing your own emotional intelligence.

Learn how to be aware of, and transmute your emotions in a quick daily journaling practice.  

A process for coping + doing all the things on your mental load.

Learn how to dump your brain with a super simple process, and prioritize the tasks you truly want to do.

A mindset shift for prioritizing self care - without guilt.

Self care, rest, and alone time aren’t optional  – they are crucial. Learn how to fit them into your busy schedule without fail.

A way to engage your greatest teachers of play + find the fun.

It’s time to put fun back on the calendar for the whole family. Learn the 3 crucials for events to include on your monthly calendar.

How it works:

The course runs for 10 days to help us get into the habit of taking 15 minutes for ourselves everyday.

Each day, I’ll send you an e-mail containing a daily small step with a quick 5 minute (or less) audio file. You can listen on the go! With the other 10 minutes, it’s time to get curious and experiment with the practices and processes and apply them to your own motherhood journey.

let’s go on an adventure together.

Let’s create your own road map and get you finally thriving in motherhood. Are you ready?

Just to sweeten the deal, the printable templates that make it a breeze.

Your wild motherhood passport.

Inner transformation is now visual. Add to your fridge to colour in the hearts of your progress  + know when to break out the celebratory cake.


Emotional ladder toolkit + meditation.

The emotional intelligence tool in visual format for your daily emotional intelligence prompts. Listen to the meditation, print your sheet + fill in.

Brain dump list + Weekly planner.

The crucial questions to ask yourself for brain dumping plus a weekly planning sheet for you to fill in your 3 clear priorities each day. 


Monthly mom event planner.

A quick sheet to help you brainstorm your own 3 crucial activities for the month and get them on your families’ calendar.

kind words 

I loved being a part of Wild Motherhood. Seeing the emails in my inbox every morning was like a comforting warm hug from a close friend. Getting reminders every day that you’re not alone and out-of-the box ideas how to connect had me start my day with a huge smile on my face. ❤️

-Kristine Alvtegen Casart

Holly is a magnificent woman full of such beautiful insight. I enjoy sitting and listening to her beautiful stories of life.

-Krystal Lynn Tomchuk

let’s go on an adventure together.

Let’s create your own road map and get you finally thriving in motherhood. Are you ready?