Monthly gatherings for women seeking soul sisters.

Wild Woman Circle.

Does this sound familiar?

You’re on your spiritual path, but you’re feeling all alone. You’ve gone through some of the trails and tribulations, and friends, acquaintances and yes, even family members have vibrated out of your life.

Yet, you feel the pull for your people. You really want a supportive community of high-vibrational people to share with. You’re not even sure where to find them. You’re currently scouring Meet Up, Facebook looking for your spiritual sisters and following where the magic might live in your local community. 

Or the synchronicities keep happening and you feel such great joy knowing you’re on your path. You want to share the new knowledge you’re gaining – from animal spirit guides showing up, to the amazing Tarot cards that you’re pulling, to the new crystalline friends you’re learning from. You could talk to your friends (the ones who are still around) but you really want to talk to people who get it.

Or you’re doing the work. You’re healing the things you buried in that deep dark place. Things you thought you’d never bring to light – like ever. You want people who will just listen to your story, the work you’re doing and not judge. You want people who will support you in your grief, your fear, and your shame. You want it to be okay to share exactly where you’re at.

What if you could....

Connect from anywhere that’s got WiFi

Develop friendship like-minded sisters craving high vibration companionship

Share your thoughts, experiences and feelings in a non-judgmental, supportive place

Ask your questions + receive wisdom from women walking the same path as you


Introducing the wild woman circle

Come join our soul family – meet the sisters of your heart – the ones who show up and listen with compassion through joy and grief. The ones who align with your wild soul as you travel down the spiritual path.

The Wild Woman Circle is the place to share your thoughts, feelings and experiences where you can show up vulnerably, whole hearted and intentionally with others. It holds a brave + bold space for growth, creative expansion, surrender and so much love. 

The details:

  • We gather once a month.
    Our monthly gathering takes place on Zoom. Each gathering will open with a Wheel of a Year meditation, and then plenty of time for each member to share.
  • You get to decide on what level of support you want.
    You are in control of how you would like to be supported. Before you begin sharing, you can state your preference on how you’d like us to respond to you.
  • Private Facebook group to connect.
    We maintain a Wild Women Circle Facebook group so you can post your questions, syncronicities, joys & sorrows when we’re not gathering.  

Dates for 2019 Circles

Circles take place on Saturday nights at 8:00pm MT / 10:00 pm ET / 7:00 pm PT for 90 minutes.
If you’re able to join us, you’ll be able to access the replay of the Circle on our members-only Facebook community.

January 26
February 23
March 23
April 27 
May 25
June 22

July 27
August 24
September 28
October 26
November 23
December 28

What’s a wild woman?

(n). A woman who has reclaimed her birth rite as an emotional and powerful being. A woman who does not conform to the societies expectation of her gender, but dances to the beat of her own drum. She is sensitive and soft, fierce and honest. A truth seeker, wisdom carrier, messenger of her ancestors. 

Other traits or possibilities you might align with:

  • She can’t sit still; happiness comes from adventure and the desire to find beautiful things in the world.
  • She believes that love can change the world. 
  • She believes nature is her medicine. She loves trees, the forest, but also the lakes, the oceans, and the mountains.
  • She believes in cutting through the bullshit and speaking from her soul. 
  • She believes in celebrating other women’s successes – and that collaborations can be really sweet.
  • She believes when women gather in circles – the world heals just a little bit more.

Come join us.